The Futures So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Good Morning Peeps,

One of the Few occasions i am not wearing a “Wolf” T-Shirt from “The Mountain”

And What a loverly morning.. the Sun is shining bright, “Celldweller” on playlist and milka Waves Choky for breakfast


so What can we talk about today… hmm Gear? Guitars? the meaning of life? no wait Monty Python did that already and Douglas Adams discovered it was 42.

so gear and guitars it is…

So Whats on my Work bench? i hear you ask…


Good Question..

there are 3 “In Progress” Projects and 2 “Upgrade” Projects

The Upgrade Projects will probably be the first to get Finished as they are the quickest

But I want to do “Before and After” videos to edit it to sort of Review/Play-through

First up is my BC RICH “Beast” NJ Series (In Trans Blood Red)

DSCN2718b.jpg.. that will get “IronGear – Hammerheads” in White with black Poles.. to replace the stock BC rich Pickups.. there is nothing wrong with them per say .. i just LOVE modding and I REALLY like IronGear

I put a set of “Rolling Mill” in Zebra In my Les Paul Clone i brought from Ebay and i couldn’t Put it down and now is my goto Guitar for Band Rehearsals

So i Have Aligned my self with IronGear and will put their pickups in 98% (one or two exceptions due to Theme restrictions as they dont come in NEON Green..)

Next is my Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy

This came to me via ebay (yup there is a trend here) I love buying CHEAP old beatups and resurrecting them. The beast is prob the one exception it was brand new and brought for my days in D-Shock. (to see it live look for the LIVE at JBS videos on MY YouTube Channel)


So this one was originally a Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy Custom EX which i believe is no longer made in the original configuration, of 1 volume and 1 tone. and tribalish inlays fitted with Active EMG 81/85

ok so yeah back to mine.

it was brought as an empty shell, no hardware what so ever.. and had a miniswitch hole drilled along with 2 extra holes for controls..

I had a VERY clear idea of what i wanted for this.. when doing my research into hardware. i wanted to stay well away from the full BLACK look as TBH its been done and i found a little bit more “metal” gave it more of Goth look than an EMO wanna.. Goth is not all just black!

so i went for Black (haha) Nickel which was hard to find .. especailly in pickups.. i had to take some cheap set from ebay, i forget what they are..

they again are not BAD but again it needs a new sound

this was my first time doing a custom wiring idea (for about 10-15yrs) since my days in the music store i guess..

i tried to do some kind of push pull pot miniswitch spaggetti junction phase outaphase coil tap paralell thing that (tbh is must have been what the jimmy page wiring was before i knew about it .. thanks to Six String Supplies Ltd)

but yeah it failed miserably, half the positions don’t work, and it sounds thin at times,

so now it goes back to being a very simple 4 control system with coil tap on the neck pickup.. for some variation but this is meant to be a  GOTHIC sound

so for this having listen to all of IronGears pickup samples i Decided on Metal Machines

BUT WAIT!!!! what about your lovely theme of Black and BlackNickel? you cant put uncovered pickups in it will look wrong.. ok ok calm down.. im sorry IronGear against your Recommendations i AM going to cover them in Black Nickel Covers,  to Keep My Look.. since you dont do custom pickups I have to take matters into my own Hands..

I now have all the parts i need to Put these Together so I will be doing a Video of the before and after with play-throughs and comparisons.

if i can EVER get over my “this is Stupid” Voice in my head when i try to talk to the camera.. and not sound like a TWAT!!


Anyway thanks for reading my blog,

Please like share and sub to all my Social stuff for updates help me to continue to do this..

Have a Good one!

Adam “Wolf” Deville


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