Air Where a G-String Should be !

Good Morning Guitar Nerds!

well i am guessing thats who would want to read this blog.. and nosey people! haha i see you sneaking in a perv!!! oh wait thats the Gear Porn Addicts!

Anyways STRINGS!!!

I have always been a user of Ernie ball regular slinky strings.


(since discovering James Hetfield used them)




before this i always used. El Cheapo Encore strings

Sorry i can find an Old Pack Image 😦

I have to say for the most part i was happy with the Slinky set.. and this was something i kept up till i think 2016 when after a lot of YouTube videos and seeing reviews and such i decided to switch brands and try something else.. and i think this is a really the mantra of this blog .. TRY THINGS don’t Let someone tell you what is GOOD and what is BAD..

Music is not about “Who is the Best” or “what is the best” .. it is WHAT is the BEST for you!!

You are the one playing the instrument, ETC…..

so if you like one brand of guitar and it feels good to you, and it causes you to be creative, motivated, and have fun then the goal is achieved..

This is not meant as a discrimination blog about if a companies product is better than another. But more if its good for ME.. does it give me what i require..

so back to strings..

so i brought a guitar from ebay, (yes there is a pattern here.. eBay is my enabler!!)

my names wolfie and i have a problem..

and i thought this is a good chance to try some new strings. see if they fit with having seen good things about d’addario NYXL i decied to give them a wirl


Click here for Specs

i have to say i didn’t like them all that much.. they did last a fair bit longer than regular stings being coated, but for the cost they were not the tone changing set to my ears. they didnt feel comfortable for me to play. (Again I STRESS!! this is my opinion, you might put them on your guitar and its a complete game changer.) try them if you like them GREAT

when the time came to change (i have to say i felt for me when they did start to break down, they really felt uncomfortable to me) ( they had been on since 25/01/2016)

I Tried the Regular XL Nickel wound D’addario set


Click for Specs

These were Close to the Old Ernie Balls again nothing special to my fingers.. (I Believe were restrung) 29/07/2016 and .. Changed 31/03/1017


Yes i prob should change my strings more often..

but when you have a guitar collection and the price of strings these days .. it gets a little pricey

anyway i digress.

Next was Clear Tone


Click for Specs

Monster Heavy Tone 10s


Did i like these? short answer the were OK again didn’t move me and these were installed 31/3/2017 and they are now as off 6/6/2012 need changing..  again this is just me.. and you might find these are your string.. again i URGE everyone to experiment, do let someone tell you what is good and what is not.. its you that has to live with everything you choose.. i just giving out my experience and thoughts..

(i have 2 more packs of these for drop tunings which i am now in 2 minds about installing) as they are ok but dont give me the warm fuzzy feeling

one 2 other guitars i have tried 2 other brands.

my HSH superstrat that i rebuilt


With the Green on black theme.. i had to try



Click for specs

and i have to say (regardless of the fact i grabbed the wrong gauge.. picking the cheapest set i inadvertently picked up 11s..) which on this guitar in E is too much for me.. its a much harder fight with the bends)

i do like the way they feel to play…

I managed to get this guitar rebuilt and 99% completed for a gig i was doing with my band.. and i played it for 1 rehearsal on the Friday night, and the gig on the Saturday

for the most part the “Glow” Cloating stayed on well, on the majorly fretted notes it did wear off and around the area you hit with the plectrum. if you play hard.. i would say in my opinion.. if you want them to look good for each gig etc then you will have to change them regularly (which will get costly) but i think its worth it if this is your LOOK ..

The LOOK Awesome (thou a strong Black Light is needed on stage) and sound good .. (again subjective if it sounds good to your ears, thats all that is important as if it doesnt then you loose motivation and creativity ..)

DR Strings is defiantly one i want to put more time into trying as these strings are the first ones to make me go “ooo wow something feels different but good at the same time..”

I have DR Black Beauties for my Next Guitar Project, (my Epi Les Paul Prophecy)

and now i have to change the ones on my “Goto Guitar” for band Stuff, i will prob try their Regular strings

Next is my Wolf Les Paul Studio clone.. this got a Jimmy Page Wiring Upgrade. 07/08/2016

for this one i put on GHS boomers


Click for Specs

This is prob the cheapest pack that i tried..

and again i didn’t get much difference from the d’addario XL and Ernie ball strings. they didn’t wow me as they did others .

my feelings at the moment are that i will most likely go to DR strings but anything is possible.. i might find their “Regular” sets do not play nice in my hands and i only like the “neon” sets..

I have yet to try the new Ernie Ball Para Digm


Click for Specs

Or any of the Elixir Range


Click for Range

This looks a very complicated range in my opinion, with NANOWEB, POLYWEB & OPTIWEB.. again i have read and heard good things, but i have come to the conclusion that i have to make my own decisions.. and try not to be swayed by public opinion

Im sure there are many other brands that are worth looking at Dean Markley, Dunlop, Rotosound, will i get around to trying them all in my quest for tone, i dont know is the honest answer… my next choice is to try DR as so far this gave me the most “emotional” connection to a string.. if this doesn’t work, i will try elixir and the new Ernie ball.. and after that if i get nothing from any of them. i will just go to the cheapest ….

Thanks for reading, if you like what you read, hear, see.. like share subscribe to “EVERYWHERE” for more insane ramblings & Musings.


Cheers Peeps

Adam “Wolf” Deville


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