If all the Worlds a Stage, Why am i the Understudy?

So some of you might know.. I am trying to branch out into the world of YouTube Videos that are not me just singing or playing… and been very unsuccessful at it that is to say, I haven’t managed to record a (complete) video yet.

I Tried .. but had a real reality slap while doing it..

A quote from a friend who say the “First attempt” Outtake


“It’s like you start off fine and then the reality hits you!”

And i end up in something that resembles those dreams of being naked during a presentation … since this attempt i have tried 2 more times to sit down and record the first part of the this video.. but sit there and stare at the camera and not say a word. dumbfounded.. the voices in my head going you look and sound like a %&$%

I really need to get this part done so that i can “mod/upgrade the Guitar” to give a comparison of what it was to what it will become..

I Guess i just have to Go for it and leave the video running through all the fluffs/outtakes/and swearing and cut that instead of just going “Ahh i cant Do it”” and turning it all off..

Toodles Peeps

Adam ” Wolf ” Deville


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