Spiritual Pack

Today is an Emotional Day for me as it is one year since my spiritual pack got is last member..

I should explain.. being very much a animal person, all my companions that have walked beside me throughout my life now run free together as my spiritual pack, each one still with me held safe and close.. i may not say many words aloud to them but the tears in the darkness still fall tears of sadness for the loss of there physical presence, tears of joy for memories and love we shared.

Going back to my gold fish as a small child.. to Lisa the last one to join one year ago today at the age of somewhere between 13-15 (had to know as she was a originally a stray, and then coming to me in the latter part of her life, when her owner could no longer take care of her and she was with me for the last 5 years)

Over the course of my life i have had many companions from cats, rats, fish,birds, goats,  but dogs always hold a special place in my heart.

starting with Ben. the Springer spaniel that was my uncles when i was child, who i wish i had photos of, but whos face is ingrained in my heart.

memories of him running across the playing field to me

though as a infant . i was born in to a home with dogs, Captain and Jay the 2 Staffies that my parents had that i can only recall from pictures. but is prob where my love of Staffies comes from

so today is the 1 year anniversary of Lisa’s passing,

her health deteriorated so much after she suffer a stroke in the end 2014 to which i was not sure that she would make it to Christmas..

the tips of her ears when white over night, and she lost a lot of coordination.. but managed to push through into another 2 years.. although her walks got shorter and less and less.. her chasing deer and other dogs days were over..

she couldn’t get down the outside steps unaided , i made a make shift sling around her belly and aided her down so she could go out to do her private stuff..

on the 14th of June 2016 the vet came to end the suffering and pain she was in.. and send her gently off.. the landlords graciously allowed her to be buried behind the barn, as the alternative here, was unthinkable for me..they dug a deep hole .. a day or so before..

i spent that morning prob one of the hardest in my life.. knowing what was coming.. even if i knew it was for the best it was still not easy.. i found a box big enough to take her. she was a big dog.. A munsterlander and prepared it with a blanket etc. while she lay in the kitchen watching me .. it was heartbreaking..


this is one of the last pictures i took that day..

around 2pm the vet arrived and I can not say how good she was.. so kind patient and caring .. i held Lisa in my arms as she passed away, tears streaming, heart breaking..

she was never the most affectionate dog, and a lot of the time she was down right rude and annoying pushing you out of the way, barking at everything and anything, always begging for food, (old habits of being a stray die hard) but like all my companions i loved her deeply..

once it was all over.. i placed her in her new home.. with her blanket and collar, and a letter saying all the things i needed to say to her.. again so she would always know. she was special .. and that i would never forget her, and that someone would be waiting for her … another of my rescues that i left behind in Aus.. “junkie” a stray that was rescued from an abusive owner.. and given a home. (like all the strays that turned up) I knew he died 2 weeks after left Australia.. and he would be waiting to take lisa to her place with the rest of them. he was deaf and half blind and very old.. broken toes and cut ears, but to see him play was magical and i miss him dearly too as i miss all of them,,

i wanted to do one last walk with Lisa to her final resting place. but my body failed me and i could not carry her in the box, it hurt that i could not do that one thing for her.. as i didnt want her to be taken up there put in the landlords tractors scoop like some rubish.. so in the pouring rain, i put her box on a trolly and pulled it through the mud and rain up behind the barn at the back of the house.. and laied her to rest..


Lisa – In her Prime 2012… Sleep Well my Dear Friend!


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