To Patreon or not To Patreon!

downloads_logomark_color_on_coral Patreon Just got a facelift.. I Setup my Account months and months ago, when i signed up to so many “Music/Creative” sites to Promote myself as a Musican, all be it somewhat unsuccessfully! I am still not a house hold name, or synonymous with Intellectual musings and witty commentary ….

but thats ok!!

So anyway i digress as usual! Patreon….. What is it ? as far as i can tell its where people fund you to do things be it art/music/videos or what ever it is you do.. as far as i can tell its Subscriptions per month or so for little or lots of money dependent of what you offer as the level of subscription.. “IE 1 dollar gets you a free mp3 or print of my art where as 100 dollars could get you a signed copy of my book and or your name included in the credits of my album ” (I exaggerate on the prices for such but you get the idea)

and to be honest i am sort of at a loss as to what if anything i should do ? first off what actually to i do that is worth something to somebody? ok at the moment i do 3 things i guess, i make Acoustic covers of songs as videos. i write (on and off songs ok i write intros to songs that never go anywhere) and i am in the process of doing “Review” Videos of some of my gear..

also i do some band related videos (whenever we have a good recording and Video to go with it)

so i ask the question again.. what is that i do that people would wish to pay for?

ive seen patreon creators who do “behind the scenes videos” of their regular uploads to youtube. or they do an extra cover or two for their patreons but i dont think i am “popular” enough to command that kind of  Interest!

so ideas need to flow!! and i am at a loss as to what people would like to see.. as i dont get heaps of “Feedback” from the things i do… as it is.. this is not a post about feeling sorry for my self or needing validation as a person..

just trying to brain storm ideas and sometimes things need to be written down to make sense.. though i do tend to ramble and go 4 times around the block to get to the point.. but i think i am a creative person. and i cant just do short bullet points, to things, i think it comes from needing to creative a narrative give as much info or produce a image in their minds eye of what i am explaining. or its a desperate need to seem more intelligent that my lack of formal “Education” on paper says…

ok so i wish i was like “Fish” from Marillion and would be an awesome wordsmith.. instead of a cheap plagiarist!

if anyone wants to check out my page or give me some ideas advice ect please feel free..

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