Wibbly Wobbly stuff..

Ermm its been a while since i was in here, either been to busy or just uncreative as to what to blog about..

So i finished the “Prophecy Les Paul” and shot the remaining ” Talkie Video” but to be honest i watched it back its 10 mins long of utter drivel! i didnt really do anything show anything really talk about what i did, the process.. was happy with the “superspeed video of the rebuild” shot over the 2 days it took me to do it..dscn4794.jpg

I am pretty happy with the result. the pickups sound good. and at least the wiring all works and does what its suppose to.. do i think it made a HUGE difference to the guitar.. Not really. to be honest.. but again i need to listen to the before and after but the strings although i am really “over” the gimmicky of the strings, cause it causes me a “Fear of Playing” i dont want the “black coating” to come off, it was the same with the “Neon Green” ones, at least that was done right before a gig, so but again, from the audience, who noticed? i doubt you could tell.. they were green or even Glowed..

for Publicity photos, they are AWESOME!! and if you have only black light on stage i guess it would work too.

i am still looking for that Elusive “my String” that will become my Brand of choice.. DR strings have come the closest so far, i like the feel of the black ones as much as i did the green.. even with the fear they will look like crap after a few good sessions..

next i pulled apart a cheap strat , that was a sort of pinky red gliter/metalic colour, i dunno how else to do descripe it..

and its now blue.. a whole spray can later and i need more. to make the finish uniform and flat and ready for clear coat. also rebuilt a section of the headstock to be more “traditional” as the bird beak style i didnt like..


the “Sanded off part” was there when i brought it. and since it seems to be primer followed by white, followed by red, i couldnt be bothered strip it or make it more reliced. so i decied to paint it blue

After wet sanding the first 3 coats to remove some splatter and drips  still has scratch marks where the old finish was damaged, i will build up a few later and make sure its all smooth and level before i clear coat. but so far im happy with the colour, i would have liked sea foam green but maybe that another day.. I want a nice high gloss finish on this.. i think i am an Genetic painter, my father was/is a skilled painter and builder of all things. and i think ive been channeling my genetic heritage

musically i haven’t done a dam thing. i have some ideas for videos but lacking the time and energy to do any of them.. (kinda feel like failure on that front to be honest)

the only musical outlet is the band (wish we had more gigs) at the moment we are playing the new songs we picked to add to the set.. to which i have been singing in..


and actually enjoying it..

I wanna Finish My Flying V and Satellite Les Paul Rebuild!

What else.

Been overdosing on The Birthday Massacre . Loving their new album. lyrically and musically just awesome..

if you never heard of them go check them out.. unless you dont like gothy synth pop 80s and dark guitars and lyrics.. if you still with me after that then go look them up.

mixing that up with Fish. “internal exile” and “A Feast of Consequences”  one of my favorite Fish songs is “Cliche”  from vigil in a wilderness of mirrors.. again go check out FISH!!!  and yup i have VERY Eclectic musical tastes!!

anyway peace out peeps..  !


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