Questions without Answers!

Saturday evening posed a interesting experience that left me thinking of myself in a (or should i say questioning myself) in a new way.. on who i am as a musician..

so i was able to attend a “Jam” session in town sort of group of peeps get together and just jam together.. unlike my ” Usual Band Sessions” of playing and learning new stuff and old stuff from the regular set..

and this posed a few inconsistencies in my “status” as a musician.. or at least how i felt as one..

usually i am ok with.. learn this song, and be able to play it kinda by next week or what ever, or joining a new band you given a bunch of songs to learn before you meet up.. playing in a “open” environment was hard for me, as i dont appear to have an arsenal of riffs and ideas to play along with anything.. you get the idea, someone either goes, play something and i play along.. or they start playing and you have to fit in with them.. either way i find my self floundering and flapping, returning to “comfort zone” bits and riffs.. very uninspired and boring. i might change the key sort of but the riff remains the same.. and i cant even say its a metal riff or a goth riff or a what ever mostly they have no musical grounding.. in my ears maybe cause they are “go to bits” and ive over heard them.. this is also the same when i try to do “Play Through videos, and gear Reviews” the music is repetitive and samey and in my opinion Amateurish.. There is nothing that makes me stand out as a guitarist.. for someone to say wow that guy is good..

The Other thing i discovered is i have no musical background, i used to think i was so cool cause i had such an eclectic taste in music compared to others.. but now as i am getting older, i am not so sure..

The Question that sparked this whole thought process was

“who is your favorite band?” to which i misinterpreted the question over thought it and was left dumbfounded..

this I took to mean .. whos songs can you play.. ?

and not the actual question of who is my favorite band to listen too.. but even this question left me speechless on how to answer.. maybe i am just not used to “spoken questions” as to be honest much as i say that the world is getting devoid of real social interaction i am as guilty of it as most.. i am not or have ever been really comfortable in social groups.. especially new people who i dont know i am guarded and quiet, speaking only when spoken too. i was always better behind words on a screen.

what has this to do with the inability to answer the question? probably not a lot.. The Question itself is a simple one for most, and if you had asked me that 20yrs ago. (ok thats just wrong it seems like yesterday) i would answered in heartbeat “Metallica” and “James Hetfield” was my guitar Role model.. but this has changed..

I actually can barely play any metallica songs, “Enter Sandman” being the exception as its prob burned into my synapses,

influencing my style at the time (i so badly wanted an ESP explorer) somewhere along the way it all fell away and there is very little i would say that is left of that influence on my playing.. which actually brings me to my playing and influences.. at the moment if i had to say who is the biggest influence on my playing.. i could not name anyone.. i dont follow any band anymore or play enough songs of anyone to say my style is influenced by….. i listen to interviews with other musicians and i hear… oh when i heard XX track by XX musician.. i had to learn it.. and its had such influence on my playing style..

I would feel awkward to name any guitarist and call them an influence any more as i dont play anything by anyone that i try to Emulate, I could list Guitarists that triggered my love and guitar..and listening to them makes me want to play, even if i can play anything by that person..

The First influence for the Guitar was actually an old friend of mine..

John Picton.. who came to my house when i was a teen and we had “Social Gatherings” i wont embrass anyone by saying what fanclub we all belonged to at the time.. but he  would bring his EKO 12string and playing folk songs and taught me a few chords this was the pivitol moment of  me saying i want to do that.. (which again i cant do.. i have a hard time just sitting and singing with a guitar in public) open mic nights would prob cure this but in my location there are none… 😦

My Love affair with the Electric Guitar started with :

Slash.. (Guns n Roses)

CC Deville (Poison)

Steve Vai (though i didnt know who he was at this time when he was with David Lee Roth)

Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)

James Hetfield (Metallica)

Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P)

this would take me up to the end of the 90s and my turn to Gothic Music.. after descovering All about Eve, The Mission and The Sisters of Mercy

Tim Bricheno (All about Eve)

Simon Hinkler & Wayne Hussey (The Mission)

this is the turning point i think in my musical Life when it stopped being about a guitar player and more about the music as a whole..

I really overdosed at this point on music.. going from a few dozen cassettes and mix tapes to 300 + CDS or more i lost count and buying lots of Collectable vinyl especially of All about Eve and the Mission..

during the early 2000s my guitar world shifted into NU METAL when i joined D-Shock. A Makeup explosion of aggressive riffs dark twisted lyrics and disjointed harmony’s. Not to so sound egotistical but to be honest we were a head of our time locally, a few years later and we might have been more popular.. especially with the introduction of “Social Media” and “Self Publication” at this time i was listening to Rob zombie, Manson, Disturbed a lot.. as well as the goth stuff..

ermm i seem to be running out of steam on this blog post, might save here and come back to it later…

im back…

well what more can i say.. between the time of 2002 and 2012 i kinda stagnated music wise having moved around a bit, and took up gaming on a big scale. (yup i sold my soul to world of warcraft) did little bits but i never really focused on anything i cept games and 3d modeling and rendering.. not that that went very far.. so yeah im back to music, and having joined a already established rock covers band forced me to learn things out of my comfort zone and also gave me the chance to experiment with my role as guitarist.

i think this blog got away from me.. a bit.. i guess,

so i will end it here till inspiration strikes again! lol




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