Ok you all know why you’re here…You want to know a little about me for you are curious by nature!

Who am i?

I am Adam “Wolf” Deville, Guitarists, Digital Artist and Designer, Part time Luthier

Born in Lichfield UK, in the later end of the 70’s.. Began my Love of the Guitar in the early 90’s Lived In UK, IOM, Australia and Germany..

I’ve been A Sales Assistant in a Music Store, IT Tech,  IT Teacher, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and more….

I have Far to many Musical Tastes and Aspirations to List here:

but my main musical tastes

Gothic, Metal, Rock, Ambient stuff…

Currently I play Guitar and Sing with “Culpa”

Culpa On Youtube

Culpa Music . COM

Before that I was the Guitarist in Wednesbury based NU-METAL band “D-Shock”

D-Shock Live at JBS Dudley

As Well as My Own Personal Projects & YouTube channel

Find me on YouTube

You can find all my Adventures on all good Social Media Pages as well as many others

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 Oooo Opinons and voices in the Dark

“Never stop having fun. Never stop dreaming big. Never stop loving life. And never let anyone make you feel bad for it.”