Social Experiment and Disappointment in myself..

Following on from my last entry about the Stoic and apathetic nature of Social Media for the struggling Artist. A week ago I decided to try something.. I Deactivated my Instagram Account and pretty much wiped out my Facebook Profile Unpublished my Fb Pages. and Stopped Posting on Twitter or FB to see really if … Continue reading Social Experiment and Disappointment in myself..


Social Media and the Struggling Artist

A Recent series of events, and a long walk in the snow, got me thinking, of the use and lack there of Social Media and "Friendships" to the Artist trying to gain a foot hold in the "Media" Industry.. I use the term Media as it think it applies to any form of expression, writing, … Continue reading Social Media and the Struggling Artist

Questions without Answers!

Saturday evening posed a interesting experience that left me thinking of myself in a (or should i say questioning myself) in a new way.. on who i am as a musician.. so i was able to attend a "Jam" session in town sort of group of peeps get together and just jam together.. unlike my … Continue reading Questions without Answers!

Wibbly Wobbly stuff..

Ermm its been a while since i was in here, either been to busy or just uncreative as to what to blog about.. So i finished the "Prophecy Les Paul" and shot the remaining " Talkie Video" but to be honest i watched it back its 10 mins long of utter drivel! i didnt really … Continue reading Wibbly Wobbly stuff..

To Patreon or not To Patreon!

¬†Patreon Just got a facelift.. I Setup my Account months and months ago, when i signed up to so many "Music/Creative" sites to Promote myself as a Musican, all be it somewhat unsuccessfully! I am still not a house hold name, or synonymous with Intellectual musings and witty commentary .... but thats ok!! So anyway … Continue reading To Patreon or not To Patreon!