To Patreon or not To Patreon!

┬áPatreon Just got a facelift.. I Setup my Account months and months ago, when i signed up to so many "Music/Creative" sites to Promote myself as a Musican, all be it somewhat unsuccessfully! I am still not a house hold name, or synonymous with Intellectual musings and witty commentary .... but thats ok!! So anyway … Continue reading To Patreon or not To Patreon!


If all the Worlds a Stage, Why am i the Understudy?

I am trying to branch out into the world of YouTube Videos that are not me just singing or playing... and been very unsuccessful at it that is to say, I haven't managed to record a (complete) video yet.

The Futures So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Good Morning Peeps, And What a loverly morning.. the Sun is shining bright, "Celldweller" on playlist and milka Waves Choky for breakfast so What can we talk about today... hmm Gear? Guitars? the meaning of life? no wait Monty Python did that already and Douglas Adams discovered it was 42. so gear and guitars it … Continue reading The Futures So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades